Looking for a mortgage broker in Barcelona?

ISpanish Mortgages & Property buy process explained to you in English.

f you have fallen in love with Barcelona, or you’re a bright investor and you want to buy a house hiring a mortgage, you´re lucky.

Service Finance it has a premium mortgage advisory service that will explain to you how it goes the buy process of a property and the mortagage process in Spain.

Leave your name, phone number, email, and one of our advisors will contact you to close an appointment at our offices, located at the center of Barcelona city.

Easily and in less than one hour you will know:

  • How to buy a property in Barcelona

  • How much money do you need to face your purchase

  • How you need to do it.

  • The amount of the taxes

  • The amount of the expenses

  • Your mortgage possibilities

  • Where is your price limit to buy a property in Barcelona


Obviously, you will resolve all your legal and fiscal doubts.

This first meeting it has no cost and non compromise.

Send a request!

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